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Weebo 2.0 Turntable

Personal Project from Flubber film.
Modeling, shading, rigging, animation,
rendering passes and composition.

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World War Z

Personal project, stereo conversion.
Complete 3D and composition process.

Technics Wurtzite

Design, 3D and Composition
Work in progress

Javier Argente, 3D Artist.

My name is Javier Argente and I am a 3D artist from Spain.
After a few years working as a graphic designer and webmaster I had the opportunity to work next to great visual effects professionals. Since then, my life took a turn towards the CGI world.
I now have over five years of experience and my career has granted me amazing opportunities in various countries.
With Double Negative in London, I had the chance to be part of the making of AssasinĀ“s creed. With El Ranchito in Madrid, I worked on world renowned projects such as Game of Thrones and Of Kings and Prophets. My experience in London with River Film allowed me to collaborate on television advertisements in the United Kingdom.
My main goal is to continue to grow within this industry and work on major film productions and creative projects.
I am always ready to learn new work methods, workflows, software, and organization methods while maintaining an open mind and bringing my point of view, personality, and creativity to enrich the project.
I consider myself a highly creative person with a large capacity to adapt myself and be flexible with any possible changes that could happen with a project. I thoroughly enjoy working with a team, offering my knowledge and learning from my team members.


Modeling: Maya, 3D studio MAX.
Sculpting/Texturing: Mari, Mudbox, Zbrush.
Lighting: Clarisse.
Edition/Composition: Nuke, After effects, Premiere.
Design: Photoshop, Ilustrator, Flash, InDesign, Dreamweaver.
Sound: Ableton Live, Cubase, Audition.

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